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    [STAIL]FAB Agenzia di advertising comunicazione creativa Roma Milano
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About US

Stailfab is a communication, branding, advertising and digital marketing agency.


We work with best Italian excellences and many international companies and organizations. We ideate, project and realize marketing and integrated communication solutions for startups and thriving businesses.

We are a Made in Italy group. We pay close attention to every enterprise where quality meets style.

Market analysis, marketing plan, business development, media planning, social strategy and digital marketing campaign study, creativity, design and production. Here are our professional tools.

Our awareness in interpreting the marketing comes from constant training and natural inclination to observe how the world, people and lifestyles change. 

We believe it’s proper, as consultants, to challenge and encourage the brand, pointing new ways and leaving no stone unturned. Our goal is not to overdo, but to work in the best possible way.  


Our board is composed of marketing, advertising and design professionals who gained experience in major Italian and international advertising firms.

[STAIL]FAB selected quality and experienced partners and suppliers to form a round table where everyone brings the best of her skills.

[STAIL]FAB Agenzia di comunicazione Roma Milano - >Andrea Nanni - CEO - Marketing Director
Andrea Nanni
CEO - Marketing Director

Project Manager at Deepend, international digital communication agency. He wins the Icograda Excellence Award at Smau 2000 with a web project for Giovani Imprenditori di Confinfustria (Young Entrepreneurs for Italy).  He founds Stailfab in 2002 specializing in brand analysis and web marketing strategy.

[STAIL]FAB Agenzia di comunicazione Roma Milano - > -

[STAIL]FAB Agenzia di comunicazione Roma Milano - >Paolo Restifo - Creative Director
Paolo Restifo
Creative Director

Art-director at CCP/Tonic, JWT, Saatchi & Saatchi, Leagas Delaney, McCann Erickson. Creative Director at LS & Partners and Addplus. As a winner of the Giovani Leoni (Young Lions) First Prize and of the ‘Best Under 30 Italian Creative’ prize, he rightfully takes part in the Cannes International Advertising Festival.

[STAIL]FAB Agenzia di comunicazione Roma Milano - >Emabuela Caione - Junior Account
Emabuela Caione
Junior Account

Graduated in Marketing and Business Communication at the university of Rome " La Sapienza", she has always been very passionate about digital communication. She immediately collaborated with numerous Italian and foreign brands to achieve their success. After a master's degree in the United States in 2015, she returned to Italy to apply her international skills in marketing and communication.

[STAIL]FAB Agenzia di comunicazione Roma Milano - >Gioia Cassiano - Architect
Gioia Cassiano

Architect since 2001, she works on large-scale projects and realizes residential and commercial complexes. She takes a Master course in hotel design and specializes in interior design. She works in Rome for privates and Camera di Commercio (Chamber of Commerce). Her creation La Settima Luna Hotel has been published on the AD magazine. Today she works on interior design projects, set design and event locations for international clients.

[STAIL]FAB Agenzia di comunicazione Roma Milano - >Daniele Ciraolo - Photographer
Daniele Ciraolo

Skilled in graphics, motion graphics, video editing, video camera operation, post production, photography, photo retouch and Communication. He worked for important Italian and international clients such as Adidas, Lancia, Jeep, Ferrari, Sky, Rai, Telecom, Poste Italiane, Studio Universal, Cuervo y Sobrinos, Taormina Arte, Ca' del Bosco.

What we do
We were born in 2002 from professionals led by the desire to carve their own style. New partners and skills came by over the years. Today we’re a full-service marketing and corporate image agency.

We believe that, although it’s really your customers who decide what your brand is, there are certainly actions you can take as a business owner to put yourself in the driver’s seat.

This is called branding: the active process of shaping the perceptions that consumers have about your company. All the steps that you take to build awareness and reputation around your company and its product or services live in the realm of branding. Your branding efforts may not always fully translate into your customers’ minds, but the more deliberate and cohesive they are, the higher the chance of success.

What we don't do
We don’t recycle ideas, not even our own. Let alone somebody else’s. We don’t submit or realize projects we don’t believe in. We don’t rule out any idea a priori, even the most risky and complex ones. We don’t charge expensive fees for cheap ideas. We don’t ask extra money for small changes. We don’t forget any of our clients. Moreover, we submit new ideas to them when a good opportunity presents. We don’t talk on things we don’t know about. We don’t stop studying and learning. Never.

Our contacts
+39 06 93570468
Headquarter: Via Appia Nuova 153
00183 Roma

Lab: Via di Santa Cornelia 5A
00060 Formello (Roma)
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