Less is more. Our opinion of design.

Complicate is easy, simplify is difficult.
To complicate you just need to add everything
you want: colors, shapes, actions, decorations, characters.
Anyone can complicate. Few are able to simplify. Simplification
is a sign of intelligence, an ancient Chinese saying goes:
"what can not be said in a few words you can not even say in many”

Bruno Munari

[ dɪˈzaɪn ] Form is substance. Architecture, design, packaging and illustration give substance to brands and products completely identifying with them.
  •  Graphics
  •  3D Product Design
  •  Packaging
  •  Illustration
  •  Post-production

Stailfab combines its artistic sensitivity to a passion for design dating from its foundation.

Social media marketing, Advertising, Below the line, Branding, Brand identity, Buzz marketing, Digital advertising, Media planning, Photoshooting, 3D design.